Privacy Policy

Updated March, 2021

This is the web site of FreeLists, a Service of Avenir Technologies, LLC., including "FreeLists", "us," "we," and "our." This page provides our Privacy Policy, a description of the information we collect, when we collect it, and what we do with it. We value your privacy and collect and store only the bare minimum needed to provide the Service.

Please also read our Terms of Service.

Basic Site Use

Under normal circumstances browsing the site requires no personal information collection. The site is public.

Public Information

Most interactions with FreeLists are public: The Service provides "mailing lists," "lists," or "groups" to both individuals and other organizations as a means of them communicating with their "subscribers," willing participants who consent to receive email messages from these groups. These messages are sent by one or more subscribers to, under most circumstances, all list subscribers.

When you send email to a mailing list you are revealing to the public your email address, possibly your real name, and any content put into that message. To help protect your privacy, FreeLists suggests not using your real name, using an email address or account dedicated to public mailing list participation, and not sending private or sensitive information in email.

All content you send to a FreeLists list is public: FreeLists archives and makes public the content of the lists it hosts for the public good. Do not send sensitive or private information to a FreeLists list.

Non-public Information

When contacting FreeLists directly, for example when emailing for support, this communication is non-public. We use the data you send us in these communications only to the limit of what is necessary to perform business for the limit of the transaction.

Information we collect

For the Service to function we must collect and store your email address and we require nothing more than this minimum. If you choose to post -- actively participate in a list rather than just receive posts -- we collect and store everything you send and as part of the Service send that to other subscribers who have opted to receive the content. (See above, as we also archive this data for public use.)

Interaction as a logged-in user of the site may require the use cookies. We use cookies only for the purposes of identifying you for the duration of your application session.

The Service makes use of advertising on the site. This advertising may make use of cookies to improve the relevance and value of content displayed, and we use Third Party services to accomplish this. These third parties maintain this data, you are free to opt out of this process, and your data is stored and maintained by them, not FreeLists.

Use of your information

Your personal information is only used in the process of providing and enhancing the Service. We have no secondary data processors or third-party addons. Your data stays with FreeLists, aside from the data you make public by posting. We do not sell or otherwise transfer your data to others.


FreeLists does not provide the Service to children under the age of 16. If you are under the age of 16, please do not use the Service.

Changes to this policy

In the regular course of an evolving business this policy may change at any time. Though we have no plans to do so, we might eventually sell some or all of our business assets or acquire such assets from others. In such events, such as a merger, dissolution, or corporate sale, parts or the whole of the Service including stored data may be part of the assets transferred.

Please review this policy periodically.

Other related policies

This policy covers your data and privacy. Please also refer to our Terms of Service

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If you have any questions about our policy, please feel free to Contact us.