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Technical support, user services, Q&A, etc.

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Access-UK Users Group

This group is designed for blind and visually impaired computer users to discuss all aspects of their specialist software used to enable them to access their computer. It provides a support network where users and professionals in the field can help support each other and discuss and hopefully, resolve, issues or problems surrounding the access technology.

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Trowbridge Men's Shed Community group promoting mens health and providing somewhere to go for a chat. Also extending to other age groups and genders as somewhere to go to share and learn new skills. Woodwork, technology, 3d printing, electronics and anything the members want to cover.

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Amaya Users

A place for owners, and future owners to gather, and talk about ideas, problems or cool things we have found with the Melco Amaya commercial embroidery machine and it's technology.

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GOODFEEL is a braille music translator progam that allows the user to create braille music without the knowledge of braille music. This list is for GOODFEEL users to discuss thier problems and solutions.

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Australian Technical Writers

This list is a forum for technical writers to discuss the theory and practice of technical communication. The forum will become an archive of useful tips and solutions regarding workflow queries, software usage, project planning, documentation standards...indeed anything of relevance to the profession of technical authoring.

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JAWS User List basically for UK users.

This list is essentially for U.K. based JAWS screen reader users, although anyone from anywhere is very welcome

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Thandi Mayekiso

The South African government is currently the biggest employer in South Africa. This list is to keep our followers up to date with any new vacancies that were published by the Public Service and Administration Department. Communications are announcement only and this list will be mostly of benefit for South African citizens or people with a South African work permit. Visit our website at

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Hilfe zum Genealogieprogramm Familienbande

Hier helfen sich Anwender des Genealogieprogramms Familienbande. Sie tauschen Informationen aus, stellen Fragen zu Pogramm und diskutieren über neue Funktionen. Hier bekommen Sie Informationen über neue Versionen aus erster Hand.

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This list is for the blind and visually impaired community to discuss Winamp, the popular mp 3 player from Nullsoft. Topics include, but are not limited to, instalation and setup, the Winamp preferences, and working with plugins. Note that to get the best out of this program, an intermediate to advanced knowledge of the Windows operating system is an absolute must. So if you're familiar with Windows, but just aren't familiar with Winamp, or if you already know Winamp and just have a problem, then this list is for you.

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XyWrite Mailing List

A discussion group for users of XyWrite, the classic DOS and Windows word processor. Although most problems were resolved long ago, we continue to work on, and talk about, adapting XyWrite to modern operating systems, making it interoperable with browsers, email clients and other apps, and exploring its endless potential for customization, especially by means of the versatile XyWrite Programming Language (XPL). This group is a continuation of the mailing list hosted for many years at the Center for Computer Analysis of Texts at the University of Pennsylvania. We are not affiliated with that institution, or with the present or past owners of XyWrite.

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GGCS Quicken SIG

Golden Gate Computer Society discussion of Quicken programs

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PC Tech Talk

We're a friendly group of techs helping folks get the most out of their computers. Computer users of all levels of experience are welcome to join. Feel free to ask questions, no matter how silly you think they might sound. You can also feel free to answer them if you're so inclined. :O) Our motto is "The only dumb questions are the ones that are never asked".

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BrailleNote Users Forum

Welcome to BrailleNote Users (braillenote). This forum is a community-driven forum for users of BrailleNote family of products from HumanWare.

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Welcome to Blindeudora. This list is for the use of the email program Eudora and its special needs for the blind. The list does not limit its topic to just Eudora. Some computer tech questions get answered also. 1. Ask any question on Eudora or computers. 2. No flames, advertisements or spam allowed. YOU WILL BE REMOVED AFTER A WARNING! 3. Be nice to all members. They are here to help. Tim Blindeudora list owner.

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Computer Talk Shop

At Computer Talk Shop we discuss all aspects of computing, from Windows to Linux, Microsoft to Mac. For the most part the conversation is slanted toward PCs running Windows for the obvious reason, Windows is what most people have. This list is for all ages, gender, and skill levels, and the discussion topics run from newbie to old-timer.

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