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GSIS Board Members Only

GSIS is a group that brings educators from different counties in GA to a conference. The conference is related to the different student information systems (Infinite Campus, PowerSchool, Tyler, Aspen, and others) and vendors. People learn things they can do with their system and GaDOE updates regarding student records that must be submitted electronically from their SIS to the Department of Education of GA. This list is for Board Members only; however, If you are interested in conference updates, you can join our attendees list here:

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FRTM - Communication with Technology

A group of people experimenting with communication. The use of PowerPoint, microphones, and various presentation techniques is encouraged.

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Msb Alumni

A place for former students and staff to discuss life at Michigan School for the Bling and blindness issues.

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English Teacher's Network of Israel

A discussion list by and for Teachers of English as a Foreign/Second language working towards integrating ICT (Information Communication Technologies) into the classroom.

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Technical support for visually impaired students

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Vision Rehab Therapists

discussion of adaptive technology for people with vision impairments and vision rehabilitation

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Sheffield U3A Deaf Awareness group

A group of hard-of-hearing deaf members to meet regularly for mutual support and to widen awareness of deaf issues.

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Channel Islands Naturalist Corps

CINC are a group of volunteer naturalists and citizen scientists that represent Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and National Park on whale watch, island hike and community events, they also collect vital whale sightings data.

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This list will consist of a group of visually impaired people that will interact with each other, give advice, pose questions, and air any issues relevant to Information Technology.

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Bay Area Independent School Librarians (BAISL)

BAISL is an association of independent school librarians throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, creating a powerful consortium, a connected community, and a supportive environment for members.

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Tao Meeting

A weekly meeting conducted over the Internet, free to the public, for the understanding and application of Tao philosophy in everyday life.

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M1 ADEV 23-24

We want to join freelists to exchange and share more easily with our teachers within our master's degree.

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Enigme de la semaine

Voulez-vous recevoir gratuitement une enigme par semaine? La reponse y sera incluse.

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Brain Teaser of The Week

Develop your problem solving skills. Receive one brain teaser a week.

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Promotion 2023/2024 Master 2 ADEV

Cette liste de diffusion est dédiée aux é, et de la promotion 2023/2024 du master 2 ADEV

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