List Information


  • » Closed: No one is allowed to subscribe. The administrator has to add users manually, either through email, or through the web interface.
  • » Confirm: Anyone can subscribe, but they're first sent a confirmation email that they must reply to. If they don't reply, they aren't subscribed. This helps prevent getting subscribers that didn't want to be subscribed.


  • » True: People who aren't subscribed can't post on the list (this is probably a good idea).
  • » False: Anyone can post. FreeLists doesn't allow this value of the setting.


  • » True: All posts are sent to list moderators first for approval. This is a good idea on high-volume lists, where keeping trash off the list is especially important.
  • » False: All posts go directly to the list (unless it's a closed-post list; see above).


This list type is not like the others, in that it is only an option during list creation. Newsletter-style mailing lists are actually just a per-subscriber restriction. The NOPOST flag is turned on for every subscriber to prevent them from posting. If you decide to change your list to or from an Announcement-only list after it's been created, each subscriber on the list must be manually modified to add or remove the NOPOST flag as appropriate.