Running a list at FreeLists

This document is designed to assist list owners in running their mailing lists. It's difficult to make this sort of document an all-inclusive resource, so if you feel that something's missing from the list, please let us know.

The General

At your hands is a very powerful mailing list engine. Until you're completely comfortable using it, or until a change needs to be maintained, it's suggested that you not change any configuration settings: lists at FreeLists are configured to work properly from the start.

As a list owner, it's important that you're receptive of your subscribers' needs. Point them to the FreeLists FAQ, make up your own for your website, etc. Be patient with them, and make yourself available to answer any question, no matter how "silly" it may seem.

Most daily configuration tasks can be accomplished through emailing and inserting specially-formatted commands into the message. However, using the web-based interface is much easier. We'll concentrate on its usage here.

The FreeLists Web Login - Ecartisgate

Our web-based interface is run on Ecartisgate, Ecartis's builtin web interface. We've made some tweaks to it, and modified it so it fits the FreeLists "theme" though. The idea of the whole thing is that you can quickly and easily login and subscribe/unsubscribe users without getting your hands dirty. It also allows you to modify user flags, list files, and list variables. Please see those linked documents for specifics on what each item is for and how to configure it. Click here to login.

  • » List files are text files that are sent in response to a specific action. Example: the intro file (welcome file) is sent to new subscribers when they subscribe. Only the list administrator(s) can modify these.
  • » User flags control a user's experience on your list(s). Example: setting "VACATION" on a user means that they won't receive any mail from the list until the flag is removed. Both list administrators and users can set these flags for themselves (but there are some flags only admins can set).
  • » List variables are the most complex part of list management. Unless you need to change something, don't. The variables control how the list behaves, and there are around 200 of them. Example: setting moderated=yes means that all posts to the list will have to be approved by a moderator before actually making it to the list.

FreeLists Administrator Login

The second web-based administration package is written specifically for administrators (The FreeLists Web Login is for administrators and subscribers). It allows you to setup your lists' webpages and set site preferences for your lists and the FreeLists site. Click here to login.

More to come?

This document will be updated (hopefully) as time passes and new things come up. If you'd like to make a suggestion for material to be added to this page, please contact us.