Domestic Technology

Technology around the home, embedded devices, fix-it support, etc.

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Real-Eyes Computer Users Group

This list is designed to facilitate discussion by blind and visually impaired computer users all topics related to technology and its various forms of access. This list will collectively attempt to answer questions from inexperienced computer users as well.

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Money Talks

Discuss the APH accessible bank account management program, Money Talks

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University Heights Neighborhood Association

The University Heights Neighborhood Association is a non-profit neighborhood organization located next to the University of Cincinnati Ohio. Topics discussed are the technologies in restoring old historic structures. Included is design CAD, electrical wiring, house-to-house network intranet. Other topics include radio dispatching of Neighborhood Assistance officer communications.

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El problematico futuro de Chile

El calentamiento global, el pic del petroleo, el agotamiento de recursos y el consiguiente fin del crecimiento economico sera duro para todos los países. La forma precisa del decrecimiento sera diferente para cada país. En Chile enfrentaremos problemas de energia, agricultura, transporte, salud y educacion de acuerdo a los recursos, cultura y tecnologias que tenemos, y a como los usemos.

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Bling Outreach

Used to contact clients about Bling mobile payment technology

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Property and Valuation Service External Email List

A list serv to support Property and Valuation communication of upcoming meetings.

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Job Club Tech Careers Forum

Discussion of new tech trends & opportunities. Most members have participated in the Experience Unlimited job club of San Francisco.

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Clear City Weather

for chatting about weather at major us city airports

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Seabrook Residents

Used for communications with all Seabrook Residents. This will be sued by a residents association to keep all neighbors up to date on issues in the housing estate

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Quantacom was launched with the objective to bridge the gap between ICT companies’ support functions and SMBs in Western Australia. As more SMBs are engaging in the tech transformation by taking their operations online or adopting other Internet-of-Things-based solutions, it is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses to have the support of a credible and qualified local ICT company. We not only upgrade out-of-date connectivity, communication, and cybersecurity solutions, but we also serve you with competent Account Managers that you may consult in the event of a need.

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A list dedicated to blind IPhone beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

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North American Consumer Protection Investigators

Discussion list for professional consumer protections investigators. NACPI is a national non-profit organization of investigators who share information regarding identity theft via internet and other means and other consumer fraud topics. This list will NOT be open to the public and all members must be approved by the moderator.

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The Blind WoodWorker

The Blind WoodWorker list is for the discussion of WoodWorking with blind and visually impaired woodworkers. We also want to solve problems with different woodworking tasks that a blind woodworker has to solve. This list will also help blind woodworkers operate different tools and machinery used in woodworkering. We will also discuss the high tech talking tools availible for blind and visually impaired woodworkers. This is a List where Blind, Visually Impaired, and Sighted WoodWorkers can come together and discuss WoodWorking. We can help each other enjoy safe and satisfying woodworking.

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HomeClinic [Discussions on repair and maintenance of anything around the home]

List topics generally include: Home improvement, however discussions on repairing and maintenance is the primary topic of this list. Any questions about electricity, plumbing, gardens, even automobiles, etc. are welcome, including new products & renovation. Once a month the list owner will send out a Quiz question dealing with the home. This will be more like a contest to see who knows his or her stuff! It should be a lot of fun for everyone on the list, plus you might pick up somehing you didn't know. :-)

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