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Foxboro Discussion List

The Foxboro Discussion List is an electronic mailing list by the users for the users. Topics mostly revolve around the I/A product platform, but discussion about other Foxboro products is also welcome and encouraged.

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Duxbury Braille Software Users' Discussion

This is a discussion list for users of Duxbury Systems, Inc.'s software for braille, to share usage tips and other information of general interest to such users. It is not intended for requesting technical support, which may be directed to <>. Duxbury Systems' web site is

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The listServe 2.0

Discussion and coordination of Collaborative Practice. "the moderator" carl Michael rossi [This is an independently established (Nov, 2000) and moderated discussion group. All who engage in or wish to engage in Collaborative Practice are welcome. Membership in IACP is not required to join this group. Also understand that IACP is in NO WAY responsible for my mistakes here or for anything said on the listServe. PLEASE NOTE that you MAY NOT share with anyone 'off list' any comments made here unless you first acquire express permission from the individual 'author(s)'.]

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Oregon Association of Government Information Technology Management

The Oregon Association of Government Information Technology Management (OAGITM) is a statewide association of information technology managers of the 36 Oregon counties, State agencies, and interested Cities within the state of Oregon. Conferences are held twice a year to share ideas and information; to seek and pursue collaborative technology planning and intergovernmental projects; to provide professional development opportunities for members; and to discuss common business needs, impact of state and federal legislation, and other critical issues facing local government technology managers.

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Cincinnati Stock Market Investors

A mailing list for stock market investors from the Greater Cincinnati area

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Gnesta Handels medlemmar.

List for us members in our community so we can more easily share information and news.

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Fishing HR

Group for Seattle area Fishing HR professionals

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Scootworks Newsletter

Scootworks Newsletter for updating our customers interested in seeing our newest product development from our design team. Scootworks team of mechanical engineers work to design and build custom accessories and custom motorcycles for the metric motorcycle community. Website address:

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Wifi Ecosystem

Mailing list for the Wifi Ecosystem contamination lab project.

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The Family Law Bar of the Chattahoochee Circuit

Provides open communication between members of the Chattahoochee Circuit Family Law Bar.

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Columbus Bar Association

Information Exchange for the Columbus, Georgia Bar Association

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16 Lyme St mailing list

This is a mailing list for a set of residents at 16 Lyme St, London. "Reply-all" to group emails is getting complicated as people (and email addresses) come and go. Having a single email distribution list will simply things for us. The list would be closed only to people from 16 Lyme St and would be fairly low volume.

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Web Designing Company India

Webgoogly is a professional SEO company in Delhi India providing excellent services of web development, web designing and web applications solutions with affordable cost.

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Construction Estimation and Material Takeoff

This list is created by the World Estimating company. This company is offering construction estimating services and material takeoff services in the United States. People can share their thoughts and ideas and also can get solutions of their questions here.

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ND Office of Health Equity

Distribution of news regarding the Office of Health Equity

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